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Rescued fruit

Gjord på räddad frukt. Finns i smaken äpple ingefära.

38 KR

Svenska kanelbullar

Surdeg. Smörfyllning. Massor av kanel. Alltid nybakade, från Vallentuna Stenugnsbageri. Beställ till hela kontoret!

25 KR / ST

Slut i lager

En alldeles färsk Paninibutik

I Hornstulls tunnelbana hittar du en ny Paninibutik. En perfekt butik att köpa lunchen på väg till jobbet eller bara sticka ned under lunchen och plocka upp din lunch. Butiken har öppet till 19 på vardagar, så varför inte köpa med dig midddag på vägen hem också?

Great food. Fast service.

Panini Internazionale serves healthy fast food, made daily on-site in stores all over Stockholm. It’s food that fits a fast-paced lifestyle while being as flavorful and nourishing as anything you cook at home.

The result – an international menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner – or coffee, sweets and snacks. We serve everything to go and deliver everywhere in Stockholm. But you’re equally welcome to grab a tray, pick a table and relax in one of our neat, friendly stores.

Panini Internazionale began by making international delicacies available in Stockholm. In the 90’s, four brothers — Alexandro, Christo, Pierre and Ricard Constantinou – sold sandwiches and specialty food out of a hole-in-the-wall store on Jakobsbergsgatan. They imported halloumi, sun-dried tomato, air-dried ham and other items that at the time were new to most Swedes. Their deli-style sandwiches became a popular alternative to the era’s typical lunch cantine. The brothers’ passion for importing international dishes and finding new ways to serve them, grew into the Panini Internazionale we see today: A fast food chain with more than twenty stores.


So what’s different about Panini Internazionale? Traditionally, fast food chains bank on simplicity. Simple procedures and few ingredients that are manipulated with additives. We do the opposite. We have meals made with twenty-two steps and dishes that slow-cook for days. We have a limitless approach to ingredients, using shiso cress, marcona almond, yuzu juice or whatever it takes to reach the desired flavor. We buy clean produce from the best growers, local when possible. Flavor enhancers and superfluous additives are stopped at the door.

We’ve proven that working in a responsible way doesn’t have to be more expensive. Just more difficult. Therefore, we embrace complexity and work hard behind the scenes to ensure our guests get the great food and fast service they deserve.

These efforts are now encoded firmly in the company DNA. Despite our rapid growth, Panini Internazionale has remained a family business based entirely in Stockholm.